Audible front/back setting

Grab a 🏐 & either one or two friends and/or parents/siblings!

🔹Have one person stand in front of you and one behind. If you only have two people, that’s ok, just have a tosser stand in front of the setter and gather the ball after you set behind.

🔹The person in front can start by simply tossing the ball to you. 

🔹 As they toss they call “forward/front” or “Back” and the setter sets accordingly. 

🔹 You can see here Dan surprises Bertram by adding a cue to “jump” forward or back.

In this scenario, the setter should work to get his feet set and square underneath the ball before he or she jumps and set.

🔹 The person behind can either set the long ball back to the tosser as shown here, or they can simply catch, toss and reset.

🔹 You can keep the ball going as shown here or you can reset each time.

🔹 The tosser can challenge the setter by moving him or her around with the pass or toss as well.

Middle Blocking footwork

Work on your blocking footwork pin to pin along a wall or fence. 

✅  travel with your hands high and loaded and either half swing or full swing with your arms as you jump.

✅  as you jump, make sure your outside hip and foot are round back towards net and square.

✅  work to go both directions.

✅  focus on pressing through your core, shoulders and hands into the wall or fence.

✅  jump and land in one place becoming aware if you drift or float.

🎥 Video yourself to see how you do!

Block work on wall

Work on various block moves and footwork along a wall. You can do 1 shuffle step, cross over step, and or a 2-3 step half swing or full swing block move.

✅  Press strongly on the wall or fence as if you are penetrating across the net.

✅  Focus to jump and land in the same place and be aware if you drifting or unbalanced.


✅  Be in control of your body.

✅  Become aware of your strength up top without having to worry about a ball.

✅  Strong hands, strong core, strong shoulders.

Ab work + Setting

Grab a 🏐, wall space, and some painters tape, or in this case a sweatshirt and a fence!

Make a circle or square just larger than the ball on the wall or fence.

✅  Sit down facing the target and set to yourself as you lower to the ground slowly controlling your body with your core while setting.

✅  Rise back up completing a full sit up and set the ball into the target.

✅  Maintain control of the ball and burn out those abs.

Pass to a target

Grab a 🏐 , wall space, and some painters tape, or in this case a sweatshirt and a fence!

Make a circle or square just larger than the ball on the wall or fence and work to pass into the target. See how many you can get in a row into the target. Work to stay low in your knees, stable with a strong base and stick and hold the angle of your platform towards your target. 🎯 

Share your record high!

Stationary set-Jump Set off wall

Set to yourself, jump set to wall or fence resetting your feet for each contact. Work to adjust your feet on each ball making sure you are underneath the ball and taking the ball at a high contact point. 

 If you are setting off an uneven surface such as Bertram is doing here, it might be an extra challenge to get a clean bounce off the wall.

1-2-3 meter setting

Grab a ball and find a wall or solid fence!

With your right foot forward, set 1 meter high, then 2 meters high, then 3 meters high. You can see here Bertram changes his feet as he goes. 

Start by staying stationary with your right foot forward, weight balanced on both feet and or alternating your weight from right to left with right foot forward.

Around the world setting off wall

Set off a wall as you turn in a full 360, working on setting over both shoulders and behind. Shout out at the end for the H3 setters!

Hand Contact: Tipping and Roll Shot

If you have a partner and a ball, try this out to work on your hand contact and ball control. 

Have one person pass, tip to them selves and roll shot to their partner. 

You can see here that Bertram is the one focusing on his hand contact and control with the tip and high off speed roll shot.

Rock, Paper, Scissor Pepper

Try this ball control and eye sequencing challenge! Play regular pepper with a partner but after you set, hold up one of the following hand signals:

Fist 👊🏼 (rock)= Hit
Flat hand 👋🏼 (paper) = Roll shot

✌🏼 (scissors) = Tip

The attacker has to look across to see the sign their partner is showing and then execute the skill based on that sign.

If you don’t have a partner, you can have a parent or submit toss to you then hold a sign up, you then execute the skill and they just shag and start again with a new toss. Have fun!